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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kind of a big day!

There's so much to celebrate today - The Beatification of Pope John Paul II, St. Joseph the Worker feast day, and Divine Mercy Sunday. And since today I actually had time (and energy), we did a few little things to remember them all,

Joan made a paper mitre - well, I made it and she "bedazzled" it. And we watched some youtube clips of the beatification.

Then we talked about mercy (and tried to remember what it means) and colored a picture of St. Faustina with the Divine Mercy image.

And tonight our church will have a St. Joseph's altar and dinner after mass to honor our parish's patron saint. We'll be asking again for his intercession for our house selling stuff and continued peace because I can feel the small tinge of anxiety creeping in a little and I so badly want it to remain at bay.

Oh and today is the first day of May - the month in which my baby Joan turns 3! I'm looking forward to the Strawberry Shortcake Shindig on Friday. It might actually look like a birthday party.

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