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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Testing Vimeo

Trying to upload stuff always leaves me with a few more grays and others unable to view it on their mobile device. So, this is an experiment. But seriously, if these don't show up on your fancy iPhone or iPad, they have these things called computers that you should check out. Enjoy:

carley from Alisha Landry on Vimeo.
If I had my act together, this would've been added to this post.

Same video. Experiment, remember?

Charlotte's actually been in pre-school two mornings a week since August, but since she's the middle child, you're just now finding out about it. Oh, and at their school, they ride bikes in the hallway when they read lots of books. Makes sense.

Simon has two teeth and loves to bite. I'm super sore. We'll leave it at that.

The girls playing Mass. Translation (I think):
We be honored to love bath him.
We be kind to be the book.
No, turn it to the other side.
We be honored to come to tear.
You may close the book.
You may bring the book.
We be honored to [?]
We be honored to have a cup and stuff.
You may close the book.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Things we know about Carley

Charlotte's friend, Carley, has a pink bathroom and a broken house - a tree bonked it. That's probably why she recently moved from Sulphur, Louisiana to Starkville, Mississippi.

She's four years old and her mom, Jessiah, has pink finger nail polish and her dad, Brandon, taught Charlotte how to read.

She has a pink water bottle even though her favorite color is green and she broke her finger in the door because it got smashed.

She wrote a song in music class called, "I love you and your songs."

Although she's four, she's in the first grade - but sometimes she doesn't listen.

Her friends are Polly, Locka, and Akaliqua and they gave her a spelling wand for her birthday.

She's taught Charlotte how to do most things, and that's why it's really important for us to know a lot about her. Even if she isn't real.

See-sawing with Carley. 'Cause that's what you do in bathing suits.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mostly for the Grands

Joan adores that little boy

Charlotte tolerates him 

How do we survive without grandparents in town?

Joan's first school Mass

Charlotte tagged along

Joan showed her the ropes

Mrs. Ford, Joan's Kindergarten teacher

Dressed in uniforms

With the Whatleys, doing fan-stuff

"We're writing the newspaper."

"I just wanted some make-up."

First ballet class. Charlotte's trying hard.
Fourth position

Fifth position

First home game of the season

Photo shoot sneak peek

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I'm certain that my blog-month off was a breeze for you compared to the blog-week off that we all had to endure while Grace was away, and that this won't even come close to her Simon Says or Conversations with Julia, but it'll try. (Don't ever do that to us again, Grace.)

Charlotte: Know what this is? This is balaxing.

Joan: Charlotte, why do you keep following me?
Charlotte: 'Cause I was gonna poot on you.
Joan: Ew!
Charlotte: Just pretend poot, I mean.

Alisha: What's the matter, Charlotte? Are you a little bit tired?
Charlotte: No. It's just that I'm sleepy.

Joan to Simon: You sucking your fingers? We both suck our fingers, 'cause we're the suckers.

Charlotte: I'm a pooter!
Alisha: Oh, Charlotte - don't say that.
Charlotte: I'm just kidding... I'm a tee tee girl.

Joan: Papa, we're really kind of the same, because of our birthdays (both in May), our names start with "J", and we both don't like salad.

Joan: I want Simon to look handsome for my first day of school - so he can wear this.

Alisha: Charlotte, is your Pull-up wet or dry?
Charlotte: It's dry. I already went poo poo and tee tee.
Alisha: You went by yourself?
Charlotte: Yeah, but I didn't wipe, because wiping is hard.