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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

My sweet dad. You are an amazing father, full of integrity, honor, respect, and gentleness. You're just a stand-up kind of guy. And I am blessed to be your daughter (and though some might mistakenly pity you for having 3 girls and no boys, you have always made sure to correct them that we're exactly what you wanted - and be honest - you've got a pretty great middle daughter...)

Today I'll be keeping in mind the moments and memories that I hold dear, like teaching me to drive at the W.W. Lewis parking lot, which happened years after you took us there to ride our bikes, roller skate, and drive remote control cars.

I'll remember walking to McMurry Park and practicing softball from your pitches (I wanted to be so good at softball for you...). I'll remember that crazy rust colored recliner that we had to pry out of your fingers when you guys were remodeling. I'll remember being concerned about a fire safety plan and where we were going to store extra clothes until you calmed me down. And I'll remember the contradicting stories you and mom share about your first trip to Eunice and who won the infamous race (wasn't there a garden involved?).

So these will be with me today, Dad, even though you aren't. May this birthday bring you lots of cheer and joy!

And just curious, what did you eat for breakfast today?

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Jill said...

i didnt know you played softball?

what a sweet post. Happy Birthday Mr. John!