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Monday, January 6, 2014

Where've I been?

Let's (almost) completely ignore the fact that I've been MIA (do people still say that?) for the last month and a half and get right down to business. Serious business: Verbatim. There should have been more here but we lost it all during The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2013. I'd rather not type about it or it might be more than another month and a half before you hear from me again.

Joan: [during prayers] For the sick, the poor, and the useless.

[While playing salon]
Alisha: Hello, ma'am. What kind of hair would you like?
Charlotte: Cinderella.
Alisha: Oh, where are you going?
Charlotte: To the museum.
Alisha: Fun! What kind? Science? Art museum? Children's museum?
Charlotte: The science museum.
Alisha: What are you going to learn about?
Charlotte: Art.

Joan: [during prayers] For the snow in Ohio to calm down and not be so big and that the people won't get stuck in a blister.

Alisha: Charlotte, please stop screaming.
Charlotte: But it's funny.
Alisha: No, honey - it's loud.
Charlotte: But people laugh when I scream.
Alisha: Like who?
Charlotte: Carley.
Alisha: She doesn't count.
Charlotte: Why?
Alisha: She's not real.