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Sunday, May 22, 2011

And I quote, "Best birthday ever!"

Phew! I successfully planned a surprise party for Jude. His 30th birthday and Father's Day will happen while he's away in Italy, so I wanted to go big. But I was a nervous wreck. Especially right before he walked into the door - he and his golfing buddies were taking a long time to come up the back stairs and my heart dropped when I suspected that they were going around to the front. That's why this "surprise" video only captures the end of us yelling, the camera wasn't ready.

My parents and his parents were able to drive all the way here to help celebrate and I know that really meant a lot to him. We spent the afternoon at the ball park, watching the last game of the season (Thanks a lot Umps - you basically cost us the game. You're welcome, LSU.)

I guess we really did need the tent, chairs, and ice chest you got for your birthday...

And ironically, Jude got $30 from his Birthday/Italy donation box that was at the party (guests were encouraged to donate either $3 or $0 for his big 3-0), but Big Poppa had to chip in the last $1. And it's also note worthy to know that I kept all of the info for the party in a document on the desktop entitled, when bills are due. Jude never opened it, obviously.

This of course, would not have been possible without the help of a few good folks, Kaitlin & Ted, Amy & Dan, Mom & Dad, and Tootsie & Big Poppa - you guys were amazing! And thank you to all of the guests who were able to make it (and contribute a few bucks for him to spend in Italy) and to the guests who weren't able to be in town this weekend - we sure did miss you!

And if you want to keep up with Jude while he's in Italy, stop by his blog right here. I don't think anything's up yet, but he leaves tomorrow, so check back soon. Yeah, he leaves tomorrow. Pray for him. And me.

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Jill said...

haha. i thought it was funny that you put all the party in a folder called "when bills are due"

So jude had do idea that yours and his family were coming in?