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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well, we've made it to Mississippi! We love, love, love our new house! It was so easy moving in with all of the help from our friends in Bloomington and all of our family members helping in MS. Gigi and Papa John took Joan back to Sulphur for a few days while Jude and I finished unpacking. And now all we have to do is hang a few more posters in the kitchen and we're set. Jude starts orientation this week and classes begin the 17th. So far, we've already met two couples after Mass and one of the couples are LSU alums. A few perks this week have been visiting the town market along Main Street, attending the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast, and discovering an armadillo dead on our curb. Ah Mississippi, you sure know how to welcome us! Enjoy the tour of our new house and an extra video for some extreme laughter.