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Jude & Alisha 
(Just deleted the mushiest caption for your sake. You're welcome.)

We met in college at Louisiana Tech University in 2002 and fell in love - well, 2 years later.
Need the deets?

Jude studied Graphic Design, and Alisha, Family Science. Jude is now a Graphic Design Professor at Mississippi State and runs a freelance gig on the side and sets up shop at the occasional art fair. He's kind of a big deal and answers to Professor Rockstar.

Alisha currently runs and oils the family machine, while swearing through the sewing process one stitch at a time. Maybe one day she'll truly learn to sew and join the etsy ranks, but for now, she's busy telling her kids to go play and blogging about it.

We have three kids and I've included their middle names so you're convinced we're Catholic...

Joan Bernadette, 5 years old and this photo pretty much sums up how sweet and smart she is.

Charlotte Clare, 3 years old - mischievous, spunky and downright hilarious.

Simon Jude, 6 months old - smiley and randomly blue-eyed.

Happy reading and if you follow only one thing in this blog, make sure it's the Verbatims. They don't disappoint.

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Hi, I'd like to send you an e-mail but I don't see a link on your page. Please help? (My email is lauren312m@msn.com if you prefer to contact me directly.)