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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a cute suit

I just got a new swimsuit in the mail today. And I. Love. It.

Finally, something that I feel modest and cute in.

I'm only boasting about it so that you too, may check it out. It's on sale at Lands End. It might be worth a look if you are, ahem, well-endowed - and even if you're not, it's still a cute suit. The straps come from the center preventing the swimsuit from sagging and revealing lots of cleavage, something that all of my other halter-top and side strap suits do.

The only downer is the potential for tan lines in the shape of a V coming from your chest - however, the straps are really thin. This shouldn't be a problem for me since I don't really tan and I usually wear shirts with higher neck lines anyway. For me, it's a keeper. Plus Jude likes it...

1 comment:

Jill said...

cute! i live the olive color