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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Simon's Baptism

*The super lame reason I haven't blogged in a while or commented on your blog? Every time I sign in, it signs both Jude and I out of our gmail accounts and yep, I'm that lazy. But Simon's baptism is kind of a big deal, so without further ado:

He wore this 1948 heirloom slip & baptismal gown passed down from
Jude's Mother's side of the family.
Everyone who's been baptized in it, even Joan & Charlotte,
have their initials stitched onto the slip.

The heirloom gown and a nice "Peace out, Original Sin."

Aunt Sara

Cousin Madelyn

godmother Stephanie, my sister
and godfather Mark, Jude's brother

The Landrys

The Guilbeauxs

Nanny Amy & Uncle Brandon
Somebody feed that baby.

grumpy old man.

Thankful they made the trip to New Iberia for the celebrations
and for all of Jude's family that came to share as well!

Cousin Emily

Big Poppa

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Alisha: Don't mess with that, I think it's dog poop.
Joan: No, it's not.
Alisha: How do you know?
Joan: Oh, because I've seen it and digged in it before...

Charlotte: I need some privacy, Mom.
Alisha: Privacy? What's that?
Charlotte: Oh, it means you have poop.

Alisha: Joan, don't brush your hair with that fork - it's dirty!
Joan: No, it's clean.
Alisha: What do you mean? You're using a clean fork from the drawer?
Joan: Yeah.
Alisha: Who do you think you are, The Little Mermaid?
Joan: Uh, yeah.

Joan: I like to swing because you can relax and play at the same time.

Charlotte: Momma, I don't need a friend right now. I need privacy.

Joan: Oh Momma - you look fancy!
Alisha: Oh, why do you say so?
Joan: It's just that it looks like something from Target.

Joan: Hey Simon, did you have fun breasting?