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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jesus is Risen!

Easter is always such a great time of year and this season we went to New Iberia for great boiled crawfish, boiled crabs, barbeque, and quality family time. Joan really enjoyed hunting for eggs with all of her cousins and my Guilbeaux family met us in New Iberia for the Easter party. Jude's spring semester is winding down and he's getting ready for the screen printing class he'll be teaching during the summer. I've been feeling great - it's the best part of the pregnancy right now and the weather is awesome, so Joan and I go on daily walks and trips to the park. And the best news we've had recently is an offer on the house - that's right, we got an offer on the house! We just need the financing and inspections to go smoothly and hopefully we'll be closing in mid-May. Thank you for your continued prayers, keep them coming - we're not done yet...

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