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Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I Wore Sunday & Easter Outfit OTI

It was so nice having my parents in town for Easter weekend - though I'm not sure "nice" is how they'd describe it... I was pretty grouchy and irritable. Many apologies, fam, especially since today is your birthday, mom. Hopefully your Lenten observations gave you much practice before you had to deal with my pregnitude. But as always, the kids soaked up as much grandparent spoils as they could before they left at noon.
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Today I'm linking up with Grace and her faithful followers for Easter Outfit OTI and with Fine Linen & Purple for their What I Wore Sunday (tomorrow).

And good thing, because I look like an giant, dyed Easter egg...

See? Told ya.

Dress: Old Navy maternity. Sooo comfy and on sale!
Cardigan: free from a friend
Shoes: Payless

Hallelujah! He is Risen (and this post is published)!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

While I was lying down...

... Jude was building this:

 tunnels connect each box

I spy.

This video is worth seeing from your desktop/laptop if it's not showing up on your mobile.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

We're kind of late posting for WIWS (hosted by the lovely ladies at Fine Linen & Purple), because we're opting for the 5:30 p.m. college Mass. Charlotte has been quarantined to the rug-less living room since Friday at noon in the hopes of learning to use the powder room like a true lady.

Day one of camp potty wasn't horrible, but wasn't great: 5 flushes, 4 cleanups.
Yesterday was much better: 10 flushes, 4 cleanups.
Today (as of 4:30), she seems to be getting the gist: 6 flushes, 2 cleanups.
Most of the cleanups involve poop, unfortunately, which I'm betting will take a while to master. And so far she's only going when we ask her to; she's still never decided to go on her own, but that's ok with me.

Ok, I'll stop pretending that that's what you came here for. Here's my lessthanstellar outfit (a little too casual for Palm Sunday than I'd prefer, but the weather's weird today and I'm reserving the nicer ones for Holy Week):

*gosh, I feel like I'm full of excuses today. what's with me?*

Gray tank: Old Navy maternity
Black Vneck: Old Navy maternity
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy maternity
Shoes: Payless 
Simon Jude: 34 weeks

Thanks for stopping by and pretending to be interested in the potty training adventures of my 2.5 year old. Bless your heart.

Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. I sortakinda (butnotreally) feel bad about unloading on you guys a few days ago. Sometimes, this nice clean white blog gets a little dirty. But if it makes you feel better, yesterday and today have been worlds better.

2. Not sure why today is better, though, because it's cold and rainy and officially potty training boot camp day. The run-down?
2:20 - pee in the toilet
2:25 - accident while eating reward candy
2:50 - accident 5 minutes before I planned on making her try
3:15 - sat, but no pee
3:40 - accident 5 minutes before I planned on making her try
4:00 - sat, but no pee
4:15 - sat, but no pee
And every moment in between:

3. I know there are lots of opinions on how to potty train, so my expectations for this weekend of nakedness are pretty low. We didn't have to do this for Joan, but I kind of think Charlotte needs a different approach since the whole I want to please my parents just because isn't really her style...

4. I haven't even mentioned that we took a Spring Break trip to LA last week to see some fam and left the girls with my parents for three days. I still had to babysit little Evelyn, but the biological break was so nice!


ice cream truck treats from uncle mark

Big Poppa & Tootsie

Papa John & Madelyn (sorry Gigi, not sure why I don't have a record of you being around - we all know you were there!)

5. Charlotte regularly asks me in the van to, "talk more about Jesus is dead," and wants a list of names of the people who hurt him.

6. I'm currently eating a shrimp pasta bowl that reminds me of that pasta place on Louisiana Tech's campus - inside Tolliver. Remember that place, Jill and Sara? Yum. And remember when we went on that crazy fast and at midnight on the last day, I had a 20 oz chocolate milk and 2 bags of peanut M&Ms? I heart college.

7. Struggling to find a last one, here. So let's just put us both out of our misery and call it quits. But not before you head over to Jen for the others...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

since no one's ever been pregnant before.

whelp. i'm done.

i can't take another day of flammable breath, or
swollen feet that barely fit into my cutest spring shoes, or
not being able to wear my wedding ring, or
being kicked in the who-who from within, or
almost peeing myself during a cough, sneeze, or laugh, or
having a foot stuck between two ribs, or
not being able to fill my lungs with life-saving oxygen, or
exhausting my grocery budget on toilet paper for each 2.3 oz trip to the loo, or
hearing, "wow, it must be any day, now," or
taking 13 minutes to get up from the couch, toss in bed, or put on sandals, or
not fitting into a shirt I wore yesterday, or
mood swings that could get me committed. this might be one of them...

good thing i have 45+ days left and one patient husband.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

No, I didn't wear green today in honor of St. Patrick. But if you want to challenge the wardrobe of an eight month pregnant lady, be my guest.
No, it's not the angle of the camera, or a weird lean I'm doing. It's not the chevron playing tricks on you - my belly button is not centered. It never is. And now that I can't hide the fact that I'm pregnant anymore (at least from the front), get used to the button. It might need it's own blog.
It has its own nosey-nosey partner.

And you might as well go ahead and forget this outfit, because it'll probably make several reappearances in the future - too cute and comfy not to - and we wouldn't want you getting bored with my ever-thrilling maternity closet.

Cardigan: in a gifted bag of clothes meant to be repurposed
Tank: Maternity from Old Navy - long and stretchy with no ruching! 
Maxi Skirt: Maternity from Old Navy. Fold over yoga waist band? Yes, please.
Coral flats: Old Navy clearance last year. Favorite. Shoes. Ever.

Head over for the others at Fine Linen & Purple!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Making things make life better: Tunic alteration

Love the top. Hate the bottom of this shirt from Old Navy (now only $8!).

I look like a giant pregnant parachute.

So... I cut off a few inches of the bottom, folded it in half and sewed it back on a bit smaller than it was to create a band for the bottom.

And now I just look pregnant.

Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. I'm ready for Spring Break would be an understatement. Two key words: Spring & BREAK! And it better feel like Spring this break or I'm gonna punch Mother Nature in the face.

2. Despite all my concerns, Joan secured a spot at Annunciation Catholic School for Kindergarten in the fall. And taxes won't be as terrible as we expected. God is good. 

3. It was Dr. Seuss week at Joan's preschool and she was asked to wear a tie. It's probably the cutest she's looked at school all year. 

4. I really miss two people on Facebook: Lisa & Bonnie. Those holy-rollers gave it up for Lent.

5. This is basically what it looks like to be a graphic designer's wife 
(tea-soaking for the beginnings of a  book cover) and mother to little girls (necklace draping for decoration - the occasion? I know not.). 

6. My friend Kaitlin finally had her baby! I'm so excited for them, but she needs to hurry up and post the birth story. amiright?

7. I need a new good book to read - fiction, preferably. And go:

Thanks for hosting Jen!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today is shaping up.

Why, child? Why must you make a choice that forces me to follow through with a threat which will inevitably make you furious?

Why can't you just pick up the toys so you can have a chocolate chip? Or deal with no chocolate chip because you didn't feel like cleaning?

You can't have both and you are in control of the outcome. You don't want to clean? Fine. But then you can't throw a screaming, crying, kicking, drooling fit because you didn't get a chocolate chip. That's all you.

That's what our morning looked like for 55 minutes (I know because I started watching the clock and took out the camera). But then I called her out on Facebook (for which I'm sure I was mommy-judged because you're only supposed to blog/tweet/post about how awesome your family is...), and I bet someone holier than me said a prayer and poof!, she was behaving again.

Then I received word that though we won't be getting a tax refund, we also won't be owing $10-12,000 to the IRS like we thought! A huge relief! We can manage what they're asking for!

Then we went to free play at the gymnastics studio & Chick-fil-a for lunch with friends.

The girls are now playing dress up quietly in their room (which is still clean, by the way) while I thank God, via the blog, for turning our day from this:

into this:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

I did indeed wear jeans to church this morning, but I more than made up for it by choosing the appropriate liturgical color. And that's all we'll say about that.

I'm still mad that I'm not in flip flops & a skirt. Putting on socks and boots is becoming increasingly more difficult by the minute. But we all have our crosses...

Button down: stolen from Jude's closet and was *this* close to losing a button around the mid-region, if you get my drift. 
Sweater: Old Navy maternity
Jeans: Old Navy maternity
Boots: Piperlime

31 Weeks, baby!
Thanks for hosting Fine Linen & Purple!