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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joan's first Thanksgiving

We were blessed to Have Uncle Art, Aunt Chloe, Poppa John, and Gigi join us for Thanksgiving this year! We had a lot of fun, Mom baked her first Turkey and it turned out great, or so I'm told... I only got to eat peas and squash. I played with some new toys on the floor and enjoyed sitting in my bumbo that my cousin Emily is letting me borrow. Everyone took a good nap after lunch, including me. Then, on Friday, we put up our Christmas tree and we all decorated it together. I'm thankful for my wonderful family and I can't wait until Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lambchops and Peas

October was quite eventful for the Landry family. We introduced Joan to her first spoonfuls of peas, carrots, green beans, and coming soon - squash. Hopefully she'll develop better taste buds for vegetables than her parents... Joan is also starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees in preparation for crawling and she's able to sit up by herself for a good bit. I took Joan to Louisiana for a quick visit and we also spent a weekend in Dayton, OH with Art and Chloe. Even though we didn't have any Trick-or-Treaters at our house (we forgot to put the outside lamp on), everyone at ISU's Catholic Center really enjoyed Joan's lamb costume. Our costumes weren't as elaborate - just contestants on "The Price is Right." Another huge milestone for Joan was cutting her first bottom tooth - just in time for Thanksgiving! I hear jarred turkey is delicious! Turkey won't be the only treat - Gigi, Papa John, Art, and Chloe will be joining us in Bloomington for Thanksgiving, also.

Towards the end of October, I worked part-time at ISU's Catholic Center for a few weeks. It took Joan most of that time to get used to other babysitters, but by the end she really warmed up and enjoyed herself. Some students offered to babysit Joan for free, right there at the center and I was able to be in the same room with them while I worked. I'll be doing some more part-time work there in January when classes resume. Well, enjoy the photos and videos and be sure to check back after the holidays for more fun stuff!

The following video isn't very long, but it's kind of funny.
No babies were harmed during the taping of this video

Sunday, November 9, 2008

6 months already!

Joan turned six months old on Nov. 5, and we celebrated this week with a trip to Doctor Boe and a photo shoot! She now weighs 12 lbs., 10 oz. and is 24 inches long. As everyone knows, she is small for her age, but is very healthy. She is improving everyday in sitting and crawling. Joan had to get 5 shots and she was not happy! I had to carry her through the doctor's office screaming and hollering. She definitely got everyone's attention. Friday we brought her to a portrait studio and got some wonderful shots of her. I would like to put them up here but I might just keep them as a surprise for everyone. She is sleeping very well, usually about 10 hours every night, so Mom and Pop are very happy about that. The video above proves that we are willing to make total fools of ourselves to make Joan laugh. Please Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Joan in Chicago

Joan decided to accompany my class to Chicago on the train to see an international poster exhibition in the park. She had a good time, despite the several photos you see of her crying. She's still getting used to other people holding her.