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Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Joining the crowd over at Fine Linen & Purple again.

This week, I'm killing two birds with one stone (why is that a phrase? who's ever really done that?), and posting my 30 week preg-pic along with my WIWS pic. Hopefully this is the last of the winter attire I'll have to wear until next year because I'm super ready for the elastic waist skirts & flip flops coming down the horizon. (I must be in denial about having to shave my legs with a 8-9 month belly in the way, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Again, why is that a phrase? Of course you're going to cross a bridge when you get there. Duh.)

Dress: Liz Lange maternity, handmedown from a friend
Scarf: Gift from dear friend Jill
Tights: Amazon
Boots: same old, same old from Shoe Department

Long sleeve shirt: Old Navy maternity
Jeans: Old Navy maternity

Happy Sunday Funday. Come back soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

You guys,

I'm in such a rut.

Not the I'm tired of cooking the same thing rut.

Not the I hate everything in my closet rut.

Not the I need a new hobby or something else to do rut.

Or any of those other, very natural, ruts we phase in and out of over the years.

No, my rut seems to be more of a stress-rut turned hopeless-rut. Like, I know exactly what I want to happen and I feel like it's God's will, but I can't fathom how it's realistic at all. So I get stressed and then hopeless.

I'm a stay at home mom, and we want that. We also want to send Joan to Catholic school next fall and we've been given God's peace about that decision. But whether it's my higher (pregnancy-induced) stress & anxiety level or the very real impending tax season (apparently it's not good to be forgiven $44,000 of debt according to the IRS) - I can't seem to shake the worry that our decision might be too costly to pull off.

We've come so far - financially - through hard work, tight budgets, and the generosity of others. And to pay for school, owe the IRS (which we'll find out soon if that's the case), and end my extra income in May (Evelyn's family is moving to Canada & I'm having a baby...), it's making it very difficult to understand how we'll make this all work and continue moving ahead financially. Especially over the future years.

Now, I believe in the power of God. And I have witnessed firsthand His provision. So it's easy to tell myself that it will all work out and things will fall into place if this is His will. But man, I cannot shake the worry, the doubt, the confusion, or the discouragement at the moment. It would be nice to just blame this on pregnancy hormones, but these are very legitimate concerns and I'm not sure how to battle them.

So, I'm not really sure where to go from here - how to wrap this up. But I'd like to know I'm not completely crazy for honestly questioning our budget and how this will work. Or completely crazy for trusting God to figure it out and make it happen. How do I get these two to cooperate?

I might just need a glass of wine or a long bath, but I gave it up for Lent - the bath, that is - not the wine. I gave that up for Simon.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Animal print isn't really my thing, so we're going to call these stripes. Although if I find another article of animal print that makes me look this un-pregnant from the front, imabuyit. I mean, don't I look photoshopped?! (Mental note: wear this everyday.)

Ah, there's that 29 week belly.

Sweater: non-maternity from consignment store 
(which might actually be a dress...)
Black undershirt: Liz Lange from Target
Skinny Pants: Old Navy maternity
Boots: Blowfish

Thanks to the ladies at Fine Linen & Purple for hosting!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick Takes

Joining Jen & the rest...

1. Posting photos & whatnot of my Valentine's Day gift is always somewhat of a dilemma for me. Does anyone else feel that way? I feel like I'm either bragging or making someone else feel bad if they didn't receive anything when I do do it, but then it's like I'm acting like nothing special happened from my love if I don't do it. And then I realize I'm just too analytical and nobody probably even cares, anyway.

2. I found this 5-leaf clover the other day

but since we backed into our friend's car (thankfully no damage) and left a fundraiser without winning $10,000, it's apparent that it was one-leaf too many. 

3. The fundraiser was for the Catholic school about 30 minutes from here. After some discussion, prayer, & Open Housing, we've decided to enroll her there in the Fall, as long as they have a spot. Apparently, most of the Pre-K students will be moving up, which only allows for a few new students and I think there's already more applicants than spots right now. We have an interview in a week, and we're hoping to get in. If not, we'll probably be homeschooling Joan for at least Kindergarten and trying again for 1st at the Catholic School next year.

4. Originally, we thought about homeschooling Joan the first 2 years and saving money, then sending her and Charlotte to Catholic school once Charlotte was ready for Kindergarten. We're switching it up now because it looks like the classes stay full each year they go up and she might not get in at a later date. Even if we do end up needing to homeschool Joan, I'm sure she'll do just fine - the perfect candidate, really. Charlotte... notsomuch.

5. I have a sore throat that's been around since Wednesday (Lenten penance, I guess). Anything else I should be doing besides gargling salt water and downing warm honey, lemon juice, and garlic?

6. The flaps (technically they're Land Shark fins) on this huggie make it really hard to drink from a can, and only make me want a bottle of beer even more.

7. I love when Payday falls on a Friday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I was trying all day yesterday to come up with some eloquent words about the Pope's resignation and his beautiful service to our Church, but I kept falling short and so many others have said so much more (and better) than I could have.

So, simply, I say how truly happy and proud I am to be Catholic. What a gift.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

We're having a great weekend with Jude's parents. They came to visit yesterday and brought a King Cake from Louisiana with them - so a great weekend indeed. Someone needs to let Charlotte know that it's a great weekend, though. She didn't get the memo...

Ugh, you guys. I'm huge. Stop lying to my face - you know I am. I'm only 28 weeks pregnant. That's it. And I am so nervous about how my body is going to handle another 12+ weeks of growth. Pray for me.

Dress: hand-me-down from a friend's maternity bag
Cardi?: No Boundaries - so that means Wal-Mart, right? It's like 17 years old.
Tights: Maternity from Target
Boots: Payless
Belt: new from Old Navy - they have a ton of stretchy skinny belts right now!

Thanks Fine Linen & Purple for hosting.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Me: Are you a big sister?
Charlotte: No.
Me: Yes you are, who's your little brother?
Charlotte: My baby.
Me: But what's his name?
Charlotte: Baby Bushrock

Joan: Do you want to hear me and Charlotte cry all the time?
Me: Well, no.
Joan: Then let us do the stuff we want.

Charlotte: Why did you buy old crackers?

Joan: Hmmmm. I smell like money.

Joan: Can I have a snack?
Me: No, I'm about to fix dinner.
Joan: Ok. What are we having?
Me: Ravioli and meatballs.
Joan: Ok. What are me and Charlotte having?
Me: Ravioli and meatballs.

Joan: Charlotte, I went to the Catholic School today. It's in Columbus.
Charlotte: Ohhhh... was it scary?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Blouse: maternity hand-me down from a friend
Cardigan: Target
Belt: TJ Maxx
Pants: Old Navy
Go-to flats: Old Navy clearance

I don't know... I don't have that much to say other than I really love this outfit and it's super comfy. And we decided on a name: Simon Jude Landry. (!)

Check out the rest at Fine Linen & Purple.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Takes

Giving Jen's Quick Takes another go with the rest of 'em.

1. This has been a crazy productive day. I may not have brushed my teeth this morning (still haven't), but I did manage to wash/dry/eventually fold 4 loads of laundry; clean 2 bathrooms (with actual cleaner - not just wiping the crust off the faucet with toilet paper); sweep 7 rooms; vacuum 3 rugs; dust 1 room (only the living room needs dusting, right?); and bake a coffee cake. All before 2:03 p.m. Jude brought Wendy's for lunch as a reward for my domestic goddessness and for the children who actually behaved during the cleaning spree.

2. I'm as surprised as you are about #1, but something needed to be done because
a). The house was disgusting.
b). I've been having back trouble & not doing my fair share around here.
c). I'm nesting and have no more money to spend. 
d). I was craving cinnamon. 

3. Apparently all of my friends needed to see a chiropractor by their 3rd pregnancy. Did you? I'm much bigger this time around and I feel like I've been in a wreck. 

4. Bonnie hosted The Sheenazing Blogger Awards (named after Venerable Fulton J. Sheen) for Catholic bloggers, and this blog was actually nominated for Best Looking Blog. I didn't mention it because I'm almost positive it was one of the 3 friends of mine that know Bonnie and that also read this blog and because I was pretty sure our plain white background and green boxed title wasn't enough to take the cake. But I appreciate the nomination, if it was you! Here's who actually won.

5. Speaking of good looking design, Jude was featured in the regional magazine Catfish Alley. They showed some of his portfolio and gave a little bio. I'm just so proud of this guy. He's really, really talented and deserves every bit of the recognition!
 And if you'd like to purchase one of these (or view more items) 
check out his store.

6. We got something in the mail from our old mortgage lender. It says IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED and I'm sure it's the form we'll need to submit for our taxes (too scared to open it to be sure). We were forgiven a ton of money in the whole short sale deal and I'm super anxious about how it'll affect our taxes. At the same time, I'm so relieved that the house mess will officially be over soon and that we should have enough money saved to pay the IRS. I think.

7. I should probably go brush my teeth.