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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yeah, I write that weird?

Homegirl Dwija posted this link to a facebook status generator. It takes parts of your old statuses and mushes them together for some good laughs. It made for a very productive lunch break. So without further ado, my very own Verbatim: (disclaimer, I occasionally added punctuation to make the phrases make more sense)

Yeah, I write that weird?

You know Dave Ramsey class for at least, the pregnancy season...

Aw, Charlotte left a cloth diaper with, this sounds bad, but I'm sure.

Pretty excited to the new Twilight Saga. I'm Team Conan. You?

2 seconds away from throwing me a surprise visit with our online database and their bad attitudes happen to be lost without Jude.

Did you transition your kids into sharing a HOUSE?

Prayer for a girl like me.

Thanks Jude, you're Forever My taco with Dexter.

They're super crispy, like my new sewing machine needle I'd have.

Simon Jude Uh, no.

I can't delete.

I can't be around me without responding. Like mother, like son.

Bad idea. Quitting Excel and turning on NBC.

I get the way your ultrasound pic looks like someone's up to make good.

Farting monkeys are through.
(I like to leave on a high note. Go mush your own.)

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Alisha: No, you can't poke your chicken with that screwdriver.

Charlotte: It's so messy right here.
Alisha: Then, why don't you pickup.
Charlotte: Well, nevermind. It's not so bad.

Charlotte: Did you know Carley has the movie Cowboy and the Tramp?
Alisha: Haha. No - what's that about?
Charlotte: Well, there was a fire and he blew in there - the man with the mask and it had holes on his eyes and he runned to the fire and he breathed like this [sighs] and said, "Yee-haw!"
Alisha: Makes sense.

Alisha: Who made you so beautiful?
Charlotte: You did.
Alisha: No, God did.
Charlotte: And you made me awesome?

technically, this wasn't spoken, but written, errr - typed...

Joan: [singing] Come, now is the time to worship.
Alisha: What does worship mean?
Joan: [pauses] To just stay with God.

Charlotte: Mom, I have dirty breath.

Alisha: [attempting pigtails] Please be still! PLEASE, Lord - be still!
Charlotte: My name's not LORD!

Charlotte: I look like a saint.

Alisha: Man, why is your ear so dirty? Have you been pouring dirt in it?
Charlotte: No, it's just chocolate.

Charlotte: Dear Simon, I like the smell of your breath.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Canon Catch-up

Mommy is growing up and learning (after the 3rd child, no less) to keep things simple. So, this year, when the girls decided they wanted to dress up with stuff we already had and stuff they wear every other day anyway, I said yes! instead of searching the internets for new head to toe costumes. And little Simon, he's wearing the same lamb hat Joan and Charlotte wore with a few alterations. babies growing up... sniff, sniff...

Speaking of growing up...

The world is a stage

So as not to be out-done

So much love in this room

And finally, signs of a great Papa:
-chaperones the field trip to my least favorite place
-plays "ballerina music" during his game