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Monday, May 23, 2011

Were you worried about me?

Aw, that's sweet.

Today I got text messages, phone calls, and even a sweet card in the mail - just people checking in and making sure I was doing ok today. (If you've been MIA, my husband left for Italy for 5.5 weeks).

And today was a good day. Even though Charlotte seems like she's wanting to pop out another tooth (or maybe she's bummed that both her father and her favorite sister have disappeared...), and was a tiny bit cranky - I held it together. I wasn't frustrated or even a bit bothered by it. But yeah, it's only day 1...

I took her to the swimming pool at our friends' apartment complex. They're out of the state so she and I took their place. But my goodness, she's squirmy in the water. Here's us at a different pool right before Jude left. (I have a few photos and blog posts waiting to be published. I did my best to stock up on cute stuff before Jude left so that I can ration out the cuteness while he's got our camera.)

I kept the single parent with an infant in mind today, since I only had my baby Charlotte. And I'll have more on that later. But tonight, if you want, say a prayer of strength for those single parents who are the only ones available to comfort their crying baby in the middle of the night tonight. God be with them.

Now excuse me while I go see The Watchmen because somebody forgot to update the Netflix queue before they left...

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