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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scratch one off the list...

Today, one of the top ten things that I love about our house will be removed.

Bright and early, tree cutter-uppers were at my house trimming big branches and cutting down dead and hollow trees next to our house. And I think I shed a tear when I saw our huge tree swing fall.

But in its place on the list, I'll write a much safer house, and in this year of severe weather and great tornado devastations, I'm ok with that.

Did I ever show you this photo from when a hollow tree completely fell over, blocking our driveway? It could have easily fallen on us in the living room while watching a movie. Scary. And then there was the time that 2 branches fell on separate occasions in the back yard and would have crushed our vehicle had it been parked there.

Thank you God, for great landlords and please continue to protect us and our home, or at least until we sell that other house - You do know the address, right?

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