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Thursday, June 30, 2011

It takes a village

I was lucky. Blessed, really. I didn't have to take care of two girls all by myself for the 40 days that Jude was gone. I had really great help from a few people and I had a few things that made my time away from Jude bearable. So here goes the thanks, I couldn't have done it without you:

My mom & dad - watching Joan the first week & a half for me, then mom driving here to stay another week, then driving back to LA with me to help with the girls for another 10 days, for the foot rubs, baths, and feedings.
My mother & father-in-law - for helping me with the girls for a total of 11 days, for encouraging Joan to eat (every. single. bite.), bedtime stories, baths, and food.
Stephanie and Lillybug - for giving up your bed (and maybe your sanity) when we slept over.
Chloe & Art, Amy & Brandon, Mark & Sara (+Ryan) - for your visits and your laughter

Also deserving of a bit of thanks...
white wine
blogs & good blogging friends
wireless internet
cherry coke
sound machines
water parks and swimming pools
united states postal service
online bill paying
realtor, john armstrong
disposable diapers
manicures & pedicures
lands end & dirt cheap
8pm bedtimes
bravo tv, hgtv, & the food network
sewing machines & fabric
landlords, wallace & christina
cellular phones & text messaging
zoomba & wii's just dance
mr. gatti's pizza
a darrell's special with everything on it

And I know I'm making light of it all right now, but really, I'm so thankful to get my husband back tonight. My prayers and my heart goes out to those whose spouse isn't coming back or those without the help and resources I had. God be with them, as He was with me.

And thank you Jude, for the box of beautiful flowers found on my porch this morning! All those years of delivering flowers finally paid off - I think my arrangement came out quite nicely.

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