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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Other than the obvious,

these are the things I miss about Jude being gone:
1). He makes a better pot of coffee than I do.
2). He plays the guitar really loud while I'm cooking. (And yes, I like this.)
3). He "shuts down" the house before bed, which is very involved:
     a). Check that all the doors are locked
     b). Turn off every light
     c). Turn off the computer
     d). Get the phones ready for alarms and put them by the bedside
     e). Set the thermostat
4). He watches The Daily Show with me right before bed.
5). He walks through the house 2xs each evening picking up the girls' things.
6). He fixes me chocolate milk at night.
7). He takes out the trash.
8). He's the right height to change light bulbs in our crazy tall ceilings (PS, Kaitlin, please tell Ted that I bought a new bulb and would he kindly come replace it for me?)
9). He makes the long walk down the hall at 6:15 am to retrieve a waking baby, brings said baby back to me to feed, then stays up with same said baby while I snooze another 30 minutes to an hour. (This, I miss most.)

But since you're always supposed to look on the positive side (that is what they say, isn't it?),
1). I never have to logout of Facebook.
2). I practically own Netflix.
3). I sleep on his side of the bed, which is surprisingly more comfortable (which might lead to a very important conversation when he returns...)
4). There are fewer dishes and clothes to wash.
5). Making a salad for dinner every night is way easier.

And now, one major plus to having my mom here:
daily massages!
(Sorry, Jude, but you're terrible at them - you already know this. But let it be known that I'd give up the foot rubs every night to have you back - and that's kind of a big deal...)

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