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Thursday, June 9, 2011

[Italian] Cafe

If you knew Jude and I in college and watched our relationship form, then you'd know that Marc Broussard started it all. He's basically why we got married. See, Jude and I were great friends and he introduced me to the music of singer/song writer Marc Broussard from Carencro, Louisiana. It was our first real connection and bond as friends.

I still remember the first time we went to see Marc play in Lafayette. I went, Stacey went, Jude went, and Drea went. Who's Stacey? Oh, she's my friend who eventually married my cousin. Who's Drea? Oh, that was Jude's girlfriend at the time...

And now, tonight, I'm going with Stacey to see Marc play - sans Jude and obviously sans Drea - full circle, kind of...

Music has always been a huge part of my relationship with Jude. And it's interesting to see the evolution of our tastes from then to now (always at the same time). No, Marc Broussard is no longer playing over and over in my car as it once was, but his riffs still give me chills, especially in this tune, French Cafe. I'm sure Jude's somewhere in Italy, loving me from some little cafe, too.

Lyrics, because I like to know them when I listen,

Friendly people
But I can't make out all the words
Melodies so sweet through all the trees
From different birds

All around me
Sights and sounds and songs I've never heard
Swearing I'll be back again
One more week might do me in

And I stop to catch my breath
On the slippery steps of Angouleme
And with my little finger
Across the town I write your name

I can't stop drinking the wine
Can't stop counting the days
A world apart, an ocean away
Just loving you baby
Sittin' here, loving you
From this little French cafe

Oh, yeah
Turn the bed down, baby
Pray that jumbo plane's gonna bring me back
Got roses and bazaracs
Six Bordeauxs all in a sack

We may know some scrapes
But some things we won't ever lack
All the fields of Beaujolais
Couldn't buy you anyway
Couldn't buy you babe

All the oysters in Marennes
Whole French army and Charles de Gaulle
A million Francs wouldn't phase me at all
From loving you baby
Sittin' here loving you
From this little French cafe

Sittin' here loving you
From this little French cafe

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The Whatleys said...

Okay, the most random thing happened tonight. We were watching a movie with the kids on Friday night and when it was over we flipped it back to regular television. I was flipping through the channels and stopped on the MPB Create channel(most random channel ever). And there was this guy singing and for some reason I stopped to watch. Some of the lyrics started to sound familiar and then they announced that he sings songs with some Cajun flare because of his south Louisiana roots. Turns out, it was Marc Broussard singing French Cafe. How crazy is that?? A random Friday night at a random 830 and on the random Create channel. Anyway, just thought you would think that was funny/weird! And I really
Liked the song by the way. :)