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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They're at it again!

I'm not surprised - The Herr's are one of fifteen finalists in a video contest for Children's Advil. Their video is, of course, adorable so I hope you'll be visiting the link to vote for them.

You can vote once per day, from March 8th through March 20th. You helped them win the Bob Evans contest, and you can help them win this one too! The grand prize is $15,000! And If they win, they'll use the money to reduce their debt, which will help enable them to send their 3 daughters to Catholic school.

To view their video and vote, go tohttp://relievemyfever.com/VideoDetails.aspx?vid=88OJPDCGGC297 (Under the video, you’ll see a blue box labeled “Vote Now for this Video.”)

Thanks for your help!

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