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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras! *now with video*

*I published this first without adding the video at the end, so now here's it all*

Whoa. Today was intense. My house was loud, crowded, and full of good food - the perfect cajun Mardi Gras party, if you ask me.

I made boudin, and king cake (calm down - it was just braided cinnamon rolls with purple, gold, and green sprinkles), muffalettas and the olive salad to go on top. And my friends brought beverages (including a pitcher full of Bloody Marys!), cookies, a real homemade king cake, banana bread, doughnut wholes and enough cups and plates to hold our crazy amount of food. And our morning wouldn't have been complete without the zydeco music and beads they also brought.

And though we had intentions of doing a second line handkerchief dance, or making homemade masks, or catching beads, we (i.e. me) only had enough enthusiasm to put on Princess in the Frog - hey, it's set in New Orleans... give me a break.


It doesn't matter though, because everyone had a great time and left with their bellies full and their shirts dirty - as a good cajun should.

Happy Mardi Gras!

And I forgot to mention that Charlotte slept through most of it - her 2 hour long nap was right through the commotion. Yeah, I can't really complain about her anymore, she's finally realized that we're pretty awesome so she doesn't give us any trouble these days. But sadly, in the time between everyone leaving and me writing this post, Joan's come down with a pretty pathetic case of something. She's got a low-grade fever and is super needy and pitiful. I hope no one else comes down with anything... sorry...


Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

It was fun! Henry crashed as soon as we got home and even Liza slept in her crib for 30 minutes.....

Poor Joan. I hope she feels better AND that she isn't contagious!

The Whatleys said...

We had so much fun!! Thanks for opening your house to everyone! You are such a great, relaxed hostess. Hope Joan feels better soon!

The Petrolias said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. What a great way to celebrate Mardi Gras!

TheSandersFamily said...

aw, poor Joan! Hope it's nothing and she wakes up feeling better tomorrow!

We had such a great time and my non-sleeper crashed in the car and then slept for 2 hours once we got home. Tripp even went to bed at 6:45 (of course, he didn't nap but whatever). Thanks for hosting! It really was so much fun!

Veronica said...

Aw, fun!