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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How will it sell?

Doubt is rearing its little head again.

The house went back on the market yesterday and for a while now, up until today, I've been pretty confident that things might actually work out for us. Finally.

But then I checked the current listing and the pictures of the house as it is now... and I'm anxious. I'm doubtful. I'm worried.

True, the tenant's things are not our exact taste, but they don't make the house look horrible. But the kitchen... the way she has it arranged with the movable island right in the middle of the walkway, is really stressing me out.

But can't people just look past that, Alisha? You might ask.

I don't know. Can they? Because when our house was at its best - furnished with cool stuff, freshly painted, spotless, with a sugar cookie candle burning when they walked in to view the house - it did not sell.

And now, with a single mom and four boys living in that little house, probably not up to the standards that I would hold before showing it to potential buyers, how will it sell? Now after the mice, the furnace, dishwasher, toilet, and refrigerator breaking, how will it sell? Now with having to work around the tenant's schedule to go and view the house, how will it sell? Now with pictures that don't do the house justice or the absence of a fancy virtual tour, how will it sell? Now that it's labeled a manufactured home, on the outside of town, how will it sell? Now that the housing crisis is still going on, how will it sell?

It'll take an Act of God to sell. That's what we need, now. An Act of God.

And while I confidently know the ease with which God can make this all disappear - in my weakness today, I doubt. I doubt it'll sell.

Please pray for me. And for my family. And for the house. And for the tenant. And for the buyers. And for the bankers. And for the inspectors. And for the agents. And for the attorneys.

We need this Act of God - bad.

**Update** I emailed our agent pictures from before we left, with the kitchen arranged better, and he said he would add them. (psst, God, that means Your job should be a tiny bit easier...)


Bonnie said...

I will write it on my kitchen white board. Pray for Landry house!

Jude and Alisha said...

Thanks, Bonnie - I know when you pray, He listens!

Veronica said...

I'm thinking about you guys and the house!