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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long over due.

This post is about spring break and St. Patrick's Day. We went down to LA for the weekend and I'm just now posting our photos. And because I didn't have time to prepare anything liturgically for St. Patrick or St. Joseph, Tootsie (Grandma), saved some of the projects they did in her Kindergarten class for Joan to do at home. It pays to have a Grandmother who teaches at a Catholic school.

And speaking of Catholic schools, we took Joan and Charlotte to her school's Mass on Friday morning. They have a great service prepared with kid readers and singers and all of their songs had hand motions - Joan was so cute trying to follow along with the children. And then at Communion, Joan followed Tootsie's class up the communion line all by herself, arms crossed over her chest and received a blessing. I got a little choked up and was really sad that I didn't have my camera.

We toss around ideas of what type of schooling we'll do (public, private, Catholic, or home-schooling) and I've got to say that seeing her there really confirmed how much we'd love to be able to afford a Catholic school. That just seems so improbable right not, but luckily - so far away. Maybe by that time, our situation will be different. Until then, we just pray, right?

I've got a tear now, thinking of her in that line...

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