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Monday, September 27, 2010

Momma Memories

Not sure why, but I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately and was reminiscing about my Momma. I know it's no where near Mother's Day, but I thought I'd still dedicate a small blog post to one great Linda Ann Chachere Guilbeaux.

First, I know she'll be laughing all the way through this post - probably with her head tilted back, hand covering her mouth, and eyes shut so tightly she can't see... (was I right, Momma?) She has one of the most boisterous laughs you'll ever hear. It's beautiful.

More favorite things: She uses the rear view mirror to put her lipstick on - which she applies right after backing out of the driveway. If she knows the song you're singing, watch out, because she'll join in without an invite. She gets to the kitchen by running and sliding down our hall way. She's incapable of sitting through an entire movie at home - too many things to finish up around the house.  We can't make it through the grocery store without her saying to someone, "I used to take care of you when you were younger..." She picks up a Eunice, LA accent when she's with her sisters and the only words she gets out during a phone conversation with her mom are, "Well... yeah... I know, Momma... Well... yeah... I know, Momma." She quotes Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, "Don't make me get the hose." She likes to practice self-defense with us.  She grits her teeth when she's mad (and now so do I). She lets me eat the first spoonful of steaming rice from the rice cooker because I like it that way. She eats Lean Cuisines because she "likes the taste." She gives the best massages. When you try to pay her back for something she purchased, she says, "Well, we'll figure that all out later" which means you won't be able to give her a dime. She's the last one to leave the building after Mass (yes, even after the priest...).

And speaking of a few of my favorite things, I can't hear or see The Sound of Music without thinking of her.

Some of my non-favorites, but still classic Linda:
She calls me "Alish - ee - anna." I will always hear, "Yes - what?" when I've forgotten to say "yes ma'am." She cooks a brisket which everyone on the planet adores but me (It's ok Momma, I love your pork!). She can make anyone behave during Mass with using only two fingers pressed firmly on the shoulder. She didn't allow us to watch The Simpsons, Friends, or Rugrats (and I'm sure there were more...).

I could go on more - and who couldn't - about my mom. I haven't even mentioned any of the spiritual lessons and memories she's given me (that'll take an entire post on its own). Or the fact that she knows me so well and forgives me in spite of myself (I'm predictably critical, finicky, and a micro-manager). Thank God she can overlook that stuff and see the beautiful child of God she helped raise.

I want to make the same great memories for my girls, too (though, I don't think I'll be baking again with Joan anytime soon...). Take a look at the photos and videos to see what we've been doing and if you know my mom and see her, pat her on the back for a job well done! And don't worry, I'll have something about John Guilbeaux in the near future...

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And this is for my other Momma-in-law

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