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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yesterday was a challenge

You know how it is. The second you declare you're going to do something, it becomes that much harder. In our last post, I shared about my desire to live out my vocation as a wife and mother better. And then we had a day like yesterday.

Charlotte refused to be content for more than 20 minutes at a time. Joan pooped in her panties twice which got all over me and the bathroom floor. We were hosting friends that night and like the Martha in me (from the New Testament, not Martha Stewart) I wanted my freshly baked cookies to be delicious and my house to be presentable (ok, maybe a little Martha Stewart...). It was all a little overwhelming. And for a second, I forgot. I forgot that the bottoms I wipe and the mouths I feed are not for myself. It wasn't until the girls were in bed and my friends and I were laughing that I remembered this is about community. A community of believers. We are raising our kids to be a part of this Body of Christ, to share in the great gift of salvation. And we gather with our friends in that same spirit.

I was stressed over the very things that I asked for, a big beautiful family and many great friends. I came close to neglecting my duty of joyfully residing at their feet for the lesser task of a clean home - though I'm sure they really appreciate not having poop on the bathroom floor. Today I'm encouraged to enjoy my family's presence and the little treasures hidden in every moment, regardless of its demands.

Now enjoy this video and the hidden treasures within.

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iloveducks said...

That looks like my kids beds! I couldn't help but laugh.