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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A clean home, a happy soul

Maybe you're like me. You keep your house picked up as best you can. We might have piles of stuff that need to be organized or dealt with, but we don't live in filth, nor would you find us on the next episode of Hoarders (don't hate, I'd watch it if we had cable...)

But the second I know we're expecting company, I run through the house sweeping up cookie crumbs, wiping off tiny fingerprints, and putting away the entire box of puzzle pieces. And you'd be amazed by the things crammed into our laundry room sometimes. It's crazy the motivation I suddenly get to start cleaning up our home. I guess that's why accountability works so well.

When I know someone is watching me or I'm going to have to explain myself to someone, I do a much better job of keeping my actions tidy. Even Joan's lunch looks different if I'm bringing it to the park where other moms will be feeding their children carrots and all natural granola...

As Catholics we're blessed to have the sacrament of confession to receive not only God's forgiveness through our priest, but also great counsel (let us pray that all priests may offer helpful guidance during confession). That's why frequenting the sacrament is so important to our spiritual lives. But couldn't we use more? Maybe we should seek out some other type of accountability (and yeah, I'm pretty much talking to myself here). Great strides in our faith life can be made through using spiritual directors, individual accountability partners in our friends, and women's and men's groups. And maybe it doesn't even have to be official - just being active in our parishes, getting to know the families there and visiting after Mass or at functions will allow us to help one another.

Even I'll admit that it's easier to get to daily Mass when I know some of my friends will be there too. I'd like to say I'm intrinsically motivated when it comes to my spiritual life - but I'm not always (the same is true for housekeeping, right?). They're helping me get there, but God's taking care of the rest.

By nature, we are communal and God intended for us to encourage and challenge one another. That's the beauty of the Church, the Communion of Saints. Let's take advantage of it.

And by the way, can you imagine how clean Heaven will be?!

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Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

What a great reflection! I'm the same way when it comes to Mass-maybe I'll be instrinsically motivated someday...

And you don't clean your house for ME right? We're closer than that.