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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Tooth

Well, the novelty of the princess heart stickers are gone. Joan is no longer motivated to poop on the potty - in fact, she's been terrified. So, we stopped making such a big deal about it. 

I casually mentioned on Sunday, "Joan, when you need to poop, just go to the bathroom and do it by yourself." I was just trying to get her in the bathroom, so that we could work on the transition to the potty later. She ran giggling to the bathroom and I waited outside the door. I figured she was just playing around. When she called, "I'm done," I opened the door to a full potty of poop. It was beautiful, well, sort of...

We gave her a piece of a hershey bar and told her that we'd keep giving her chocolate if she continued to go on the potty. On Monday we took her to buy some M&Ms and we made the mistake of giving her the bag while she was sitting inside the buggy.

She kept whining and whining for us to give her some right then. She tried to convince us that she needed to go poop on the potty - she just wouldn't stop. Realizing she had been defeated, she gave up. I was about to turn around and praise her for stopping the whining, and what do I find...

A bag of M&Ms, with a hole in them, several pieces missing, and chocolate on Joan's face.

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TheDearmanFamily said...

Cute cute cute!!! Henry and I are about to watch some Joan videos!