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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today is shaping up.

Why, child? Why must you make a choice that forces me to follow through with a threat which will inevitably make you furious?

Why can't you just pick up the toys so you can have a chocolate chip? Or deal with no chocolate chip because you didn't feel like cleaning?

You can't have both and you are in control of the outcome. You don't want to clean? Fine. But then you can't throw a screaming, crying, kicking, drooling fit because you didn't get a chocolate chip. That's all you.

That's what our morning looked like for 55 minutes (I know because I started watching the clock and took out the camera). But then I called her out on Facebook (for which I'm sure I was mommy-judged because you're only supposed to blog/tweet/post about how awesome your family is...), and I bet someone holier than me said a prayer and poof!, she was behaving again.

Then I received word that though we won't be getting a tax refund, we also won't be owing $10-12,000 to the IRS like we thought! A huge relief! We can manage what they're asking for!

Then we went to free play at the gymnastics studio & Chick-fil-a for lunch with friends.

The girls are now playing dress up quietly in their room (which is still clean, by the way) while I thank God, via the blog, for turning our day from this:

into this:


Bonnie said...

What GREAT news!!!

Lisa said...

Really, really great news!! I was holding my breath, waiting for an update.

Lisa said...

PS -- love the chip clips!! Charlotte, you have the sweetest little voice!