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Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Animal print isn't really my thing, so we're going to call these stripes. Although if I find another article of animal print that makes me look this un-pregnant from the front, imabuyit. I mean, don't I look photoshopped?! (Mental note: wear this everyday.)

Ah, there's that 29 week belly.

Sweater: non-maternity from consignment store 
(which might actually be a dress...)
Black undershirt: Liz Lange from Target
Skinny Pants: Old Navy maternity
Boots: Blowfish

Thanks to the ladies at Fine Linen & Purple for hosting!


Hallie @ Moxie Wife said...

I'm just going to lay here (at 34 weeks) in my pajamas and imagine that I might one day be as cute of a pregnant gal as you are. :)

Lisa said...

So cute! You completely do not look preggo in that first pict.!

Katie@NFP and Me said...

I actually thought you had your baby and I missed it! You look great!

Stacy said...

This is my first time to your blog and I was really surprised to see the bump in the 2nd picture, because you definitely do not look pregnant in the first!

Shannon said...

Another week, another post of "Hide the Baby Bump," with your host, Alisha! I'm not a fan of animal print, either, so we can totally call that stripes.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Totally non-pregnant! You even have a waist and everything!


Mary said...

Seriously!! You look better than I do and I am 20 years postpartum! LOL! You look great. Your "stripes" are very becoming.

Mandi @ Messy Wife, Blessed Life said...

This is my first time on your blog in quite some time and I didn't realize you were pregnant in that first pic! You look great!

Lisa said...

Animal stripes? no. I see graytone water ripples, from some masterpiece painting.

I hope you feel as good as you look!

sorry, I promised I'd keep blogging, then I dropped the ball on the simplest post all week. I can't even put my outfit back on and pretend it was sunday, it's in the wash. We're dogsitting at my parents house -- that's 3 littles, two dogs, a very chewy/rambunctious puppy in a home not our own. And I already ripped the blinds of the wall, oops. so that's my dog-ate-my-homework excuse (he really did eat my insurance card, somehow, which is in my wallet. could have been worse.)

Katrina Rose said...

Seriously! You don't even look pregnant in the first pic!! This is magic. Looking just as good pregnant though :)