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Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. I sortakinda (butnotreally) feel bad about unloading on you guys a few days ago. Sometimes, this nice clean white blog gets a little dirty. But if it makes you feel better, yesterday and today have been worlds better.

2. Not sure why today is better, though, because it's cold and rainy and officially potty training boot camp day. The run-down?
2:20 - pee in the toilet
2:25 - accident while eating reward candy
2:50 - accident 5 minutes before I planned on making her try
3:15 - sat, but no pee
3:40 - accident 5 minutes before I planned on making her try
4:00 - sat, but no pee
4:15 - sat, but no pee
And every moment in between:

3. I know there are lots of opinions on how to potty train, so my expectations for this weekend of nakedness are pretty low. We didn't have to do this for Joan, but I kind of think Charlotte needs a different approach since the whole I want to please my parents just because isn't really her style...

4. I haven't even mentioned that we took a Spring Break trip to LA last week to see some fam and left the girls with my parents for three days. I still had to babysit little Evelyn, but the biological break was so nice!


ice cream truck treats from uncle mark

Big Poppa & Tootsie

Papa John & Madelyn (sorry Gigi, not sure why I don't have a record of you being around - we all know you were there!)

5. Charlotte regularly asks me in the van to, "talk more about Jesus is dead," and wants a list of names of the people who hurt him.

6. I'm currently eating a shrimp pasta bowl that reminds me of that pasta place on Louisiana Tech's campus - inside Tolliver. Remember that place, Jill and Sara? Yum. And remember when we went on that crazy fast and at midnight on the last day, I had a 20 oz chocolate milk and 2 bags of peanut M&Ms? I heart college.

7. Struggling to find a last one, here. So let's just put us both out of our misery and call it quits. But not before you head over to Jen for the others...

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