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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"What are you making, Momma?"
"Cauliflower. It's delicious."
"Well... It's not delicious to me."

After watching an eTrade commercial she says,
"Hey... That baby's talking like a Papa."

"Joan, tell me a story about Belle."
"Well, ok. But I can't do the words."

"Momma, I want to play with these colors."
"Well, we're donating those markers for some other kids to play with."
"Hmmm. I'm being patient with those kids."

"Joan, what is Charlotte screaming for?"
"Because she loves me."

"Joan, you hurt my feelings."
"Oh, sorry. I didn't see them."

"I want to go back to Happy Bees with Gigi." (Applebees)

Luckily I had this post already saved and just needed to publish it. I've been really busy this week sewing things for the Cotton District Arts Festival that's this weekend. We have a booth and are gonna try to make a buck. So I haven't had time to upload any photos or come up with anything witty for you to read. Hope this works! 


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Joan quotes ALWAYS work!

Mandi S. said...

Yes! I was SO excited when I saw a "verbatim" post! It didn't disappoint.

I didn't know you were doing a booth! Exciting! I will come see ya and entertain your children for a little bit!

Brett & Kelly Aldridge said...

A booth???? I want to come! Take pics of all of your stuff! I wish I was there to join in on the fun!!!