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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Don't put this on the blog."

Poor, Jude. I'm constantly following everyone around the house with the camera - waiting for life's little moment to be shared on the blog. He's such a good sport.

But occasionally, I'll capture stuff that he'd probably rather me leave out. I've heard more than once, "Don't put this on the blog." Thankfully, he cares way less about how people perceive him than I do. And so, he's letting me put these captured moments on here for you, to prove how silly and fun he is and how much joy and laughter he brings to our lives. I am blessed to spend my life with a better half.

He's not joking here... he actually forgot his sunglasses on our trip to LA and wore these the entire 7 hours.

Barbecuing with a white undershirt, plaid shorts, brown socks, and STATE shoes. Perfect dad attire, right? He really didn't want me to take this photo.

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The Brown's said...

oh my, this warms my heart!!!! nothing makes me smile more than seeing a daddy playing with his daughters as if they were the only two in the whole world. he's a gem.