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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sisters share

The girls started sharing a room about a week ago and I haven't really had the time to take pictures of the new set up and to tell you how it's been going until now.

We debated (i.e. I obsessed) over which room to move to and after the pro and cons list we realized that having the girls together in the back room would prevent us from having to move them again if we have another baby. It also prevents us from having to move the artwork that matches Joan's bedding to another room. And while the bigger room would seem like a better space to play, the smaller room had better nooks that I think is more conducive to play. My parents also got me a small writing table for my sewing machine which is currently in the living room. But we're debating (i.e. I'm obsessing) over whether or not to paint it and put it in the playroom so I can sew and supervise at the same time. We'll see.

The first night was AMAZING! Our normal routine (on a great night) was to nurse Charlotte to bed around 7:15-745 and then she'd wake up around 10:30pm to eat again and go back down until morning sometime after 6 am. And sometimes she'd wake up in the middle of the night to eat, and sometimes she wouldn't.

Joan would be put to bed at 8pm after prayers and a story. And the first night we did both routines without a hitch. Charlotte woke up once and I just went in there to feed her and Joan stayed asleep. It was cake.

The next day we tried naps... We put Charlotte to sleep and then tried to put Joan in her bed, but the excitement of having Charlotte right next to her kept her up and after falling off the side of her bed and proceeding to cry, she woke up Charlotte. A few other attempts at naps in the same room at the same time confirmed that they need to be separated. We're still figuring this one out...

Unfortunately, every night since the first night hasn't gone as well. Charlotte wakes up more than when she was in her own room and we're waiting it out to see if it has more to do with teething and milestones than sharing a room, because Joan doesn't really bother her. Oh well.

Here's what you really came here to see.

Our new playroom with 3 new nooks...

the home

the school

the toys

 "The girls' room." That has a nice ring to it.


Mandi S. said...

WHA?!?!?! I just could NOT read past Charlotte's normal routine of not waking up from 1030 until morning. Seriously. I can't believe these kind of babies exist.

Okay, I will go back to read now...

Kristi said...

I like the set up. Hope the transition gets smoother for you.