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Monday, April 25, 2011

My new found love.

Originally, sewing was to help us save a few bucks here and there - making skirts, hemming pants, and fixing holes. But sometime after I made the snakes for people's birthdays, it turned into a fun little hobby and creative outlet for me. After gaining a little sewing confidence, I've been able to come up with some fun stuff like this,

Headbands for Charlotte with a jersey flower. I don't prefer the big bows and wide headbands that are popular right now.

A zebra hair clip

and bracelet for Amelia's zebra birthday party.

(Which was modeled after the clip on the right)

 And now for the Cotton District stuff...

I only sold one girlie owl pillow, but I should have made this picture into an ad - because who could resist Joan's cuteness!

(I re-invented the foam finger for the bulldogs)

I sold 2 paw pillows - but I really thought they were going to sell out.

 A scarf that didn't sell, so now I get to wear it!

 I sold all three of these owls - I should have made more...

And I sold this little guy, who started it all. I also should have made more of these. But that's the thing, you just never know what's going to sell.

Even though our booth was in a pretty terrible spot and it was Easter weekend, we sold close to $500! I was so surprised. And even as I look at the left over pillows right now, I'm surprised that I came up with and actually made such cute stuff (I know, I'm tooting my horn a little...). But let it be known, the pillows are still for sell - so if you want one ($15), let me know!

And a special, special, extra-special thanks to my parents and Stephanie for visiting this weekend, letting us have 2 great nights of sleep at the hotel and watching the girls during the festival for us - you have no idea how much better you made our weekend! We love you!


Reecie Dee said...

too cute!!!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

So cute, Alisha! You need to toot your horn more often :) And, I'm pretty sure I know what Henry wants for his bday...

Brett & Kelly Aldridge said...

Everything is so cute!!! Nice job!!!!

Kristi said...

You did a great job Alisha! I love your creativeness with the pillows! The owls are adorable!

Veronica said...

I'm so sad I missed out on your both! My car broke down in Tupelo... :( but these are too adorable!

Veronica said...

Oh also, the next two weeks are hectic for me as they are exams, but I am sure a lunch can be squeezed in at some point!