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Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick Takes

Giving Jen's Quick Takes another go with the rest of 'em.

1. This has been a crazy productive day. I may not have brushed my teeth this morning (still haven't), but I did manage to wash/dry/eventually fold 4 loads of laundry; clean 2 bathrooms (with actual cleaner - not just wiping the crust off the faucet with toilet paper); sweep 7 rooms; vacuum 3 rugs; dust 1 room (only the living room needs dusting, right?); and bake a coffee cake. All before 2:03 p.m. Jude brought Wendy's for lunch as a reward for my domestic goddessness and for the children who actually behaved during the cleaning spree.

2. I'm as surprised as you are about #1, but something needed to be done because
a). The house was disgusting.
b). I've been having back trouble & not doing my fair share around here.
c). I'm nesting and have no more money to spend. 
d). I was craving cinnamon. 

3. Apparently all of my friends needed to see a chiropractor by their 3rd pregnancy. Did you? I'm much bigger this time around and I feel like I've been in a wreck. 

4. Bonnie hosted The Sheenazing Blogger Awards (named after Venerable Fulton J. Sheen) for Catholic bloggers, and this blog was actually nominated for Best Looking Blog. I didn't mention it because I'm almost positive it was one of the 3 friends of mine that know Bonnie and that also read this blog and because I was pretty sure our plain white background and green boxed title wasn't enough to take the cake. But I appreciate the nomination, if it was you! Here's who actually won.

5. Speaking of good looking design, Jude was featured in the regional magazine Catfish Alley. They showed some of his portfolio and gave a little bio. I'm just so proud of this guy. He's really, really talented and deserves every bit of the recognition!
 And if you'd like to purchase one of these (or view more items) 
check out his store.

6. We got something in the mail from our old mortgage lender. It says IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED and I'm sure it's the form we'll need to submit for our taxes (too scared to open it to be sure). We were forgiven a ton of money in the whole short sale deal and I'm super anxious about how it'll affect our taxes. At the same time, I'm so relieved that the house mess will officially be over soon and that we should have enough money saved to pay the IRS. I think.

7. I should probably go brush my teeth.

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Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

It wasn't me who nominated you-but I was going to do so for the category about "putting stuff on Pinterest" because of your awesomeness in the homemade. But Bonnie closed the nominations before I could get to it.

And I missing something or is cinnamon totally unrelated to the other reasons for needing to clean?