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Friday, February 15, 2013

Quick Takes

Joining Jen & the rest...

1. Posting photos & whatnot of my Valentine's Day gift is always somewhat of a dilemma for me. Does anyone else feel that way? I feel like I'm either bragging or making someone else feel bad if they didn't receive anything when I do do it, but then it's like I'm acting like nothing special happened from my love if I don't do it. And then I realize I'm just too analytical and nobody probably even cares, anyway.

2. I found this 5-leaf clover the other day

but since we backed into our friend's car (thankfully no damage) and left a fundraiser without winning $10,000, it's apparent that it was one-leaf too many. 

3. The fundraiser was for the Catholic school about 30 minutes from here. After some discussion, prayer, & Open Housing, we've decided to enroll her there in the Fall, as long as they have a spot. Apparently, most of the Pre-K students will be moving up, which only allows for a few new students and I think there's already more applicants than spots right now. We have an interview in a week, and we're hoping to get in. If not, we'll probably be homeschooling Joan for at least Kindergarten and trying again for 1st at the Catholic School next year.

4. Originally, we thought about homeschooling Joan the first 2 years and saving money, then sending her and Charlotte to Catholic school once Charlotte was ready for Kindergarten. We're switching it up now because it looks like the classes stay full each year they go up and she might not get in at a later date. Even if we do end up needing to homeschool Joan, I'm sure she'll do just fine - the perfect candidate, really. Charlotte... notsomuch.

5. I have a sore throat that's been around since Wednesday (Lenten penance, I guess). Anything else I should be doing besides gargling salt water and downing warm honey, lemon juice, and garlic?

6. The flaps (technically they're Land Shark fins) on this huggie make it really hard to drink from a can, and only make me want a bottle of beer even more.

7. I love when Payday falls on a Friday!


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

So what DID you get for Valentine's day??

Bonnie said...

Ditto Kaitlin, even though I got nothing. (Nothing!!!!)

And I SO know what you're saying on #7! It meant a fillet o fish sandwich at Mickey D's, woop woop!

Lisa said...

Those videos made me laugh!! hahaha!

Watch that sore throat. I let me go a few days only to find out it was strep! Which was an open invitation to the flu. I'm going to be talking about it in my old age, the year I got strep and the flu at the same time, and norovirus for dessert. And I had to walk up hill both ways. Really, we do. We live on top of a hill.

Have I told you about the wedding we're supposed to go to in Nashville this summer? How far is that from you guys?

Jude and Alisha said...

If I answer here, are you guys going to get it? Should I email?

I got a vase of orchids (True Maroon color, of course) and three well-designed coupons entitling me to a full body massage (which he hates to give), a free laundry day, and a new logo for the blog (super excited about that one!).

I got him a charcoal gray cardigan and a new nickname: Professor Rockstar.

Jude and Alisha said...

Oh, and Lisa - thanks for the head's up. Now I won't sleep tonight...

Terri said...

Happy to find this blog from 7 QT! I'm originally from Louisiana and I married a Cajun. Now, we're living in Aggieland. I managed to live in SEC territory again without ever moving.

Kristi said...

I love that video of Charlotte! A very accurate representation of any kid at her age!