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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nesting is expensive.

What else are you gonna do at 26 weeks pregnant with left over Christmas money? Buy a bunch of new stuff for the babes, rearrange their rooms, and wait the rest of the 14+ weeks in penniless boredom?


The playroom-guestroom has been converted into a nursery with a spare bed and the girls' room is currently housing all the fun stuff. (a long time ago they looked like this)

More recently, when Charlotte moved into a toddler bed, it looked like this:
but with dressers, a bookshelf, and a glider. I know.
These rooms are huge.

Now for the AFTERS...

We're going with this arrangement for a while. Until the next random bout of nesting strikes again.

We splurged on these FLOR carpet tiles that were on sale and alternated the pattern. We. Love. Them. And if we want, we can reshape them into a rectangular rug.

I'm sorry Tootsie, that Charlotte has destroyed the heirloom table.
It was my fault for painting it white. It will be cleaned up when she's 18.
The empty space before felt awkward with a regular rug and the ones we had were way too small anyway.

The house.
Now they have paths to their beds and in their little nooks.
The school.
The catch-all.
Seriously, the space is mind boggling.

Now for the little man's room:

Jude edited his bike poster (go buy one) to match the hipster bedding, purchased by the grands (thanks!) and to fit in the frames.

I sewed this cover, which is not quite done, to go over the changing pad. Kaitlin, I think that pirate shirt was yours?

Still plenty of space, if anyone wants to visit. Yes, you will be in charge of nightly feedings.

Some fun prints from this designer.

Apparently, this is his favorite owned print that you can find here.

outta money & outta space. the next 14+ weeks should be uhmazing

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Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I love it! I knew I would.

And yep-that's my pirate shirt from a retreat I did in college. I remember we made a lot of corny jokes using the word "are" any time it came up in conversation. "Arrgggh you guys ready for dinner?" I expect that you will continue this for little man's diaper changes?