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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"Ok, Joan, let's go to Columbus."
"But I'm tired."
"You can rest on the way. It's kind of far."
"But do they have a bed for me in Columbus?"
"Ha, ha. No."
"Ok, well I'll close my eyes, take a deep breath, and go to Columbus."

"Hey, Charlotte - Are you talking about Willis?!"
(Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?)

"Joan, please don't blow your spit on me - that's gross."
"No, it's just a splash and will make you be warm."

"Joan, if some of the kids at school aren't being nice or they're being too rough, I want you to tell them, 'No thank you. That hurts my feelings.'"
"Ok, but they'll be nice to me, Momma. Don't worry."

"Hey! Can you show me the way to Flynn Ryder's castle?!"

"Joan, please stop hitting us with the blankets. It kind of hurts."
"But they don't have swords on them..."

Loudly in the dressing room,
"Oh! I like that skirt, Momma! And it matches your panties!"

"Momma, can you lay with me tonight?"

"No, sweetie. The angels and saints will lay with you."
"But they can't because they're working."
"Yeah - on the barn because the pigs and everyone don't have enough food. And that's why they're working. So you have to stay tonight."
"Nice try."

And this post wouldn't be complete without photos from Joan's first day at school. She'll be going 4 hours, twice a week to a little preschool at a family resource center in town - and it's free! She had a great time today and the only "on the verge of tears" we saw was when we showed up to take her home... oh well...

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Lisa said...

What a cutie! And the spit up comment made me laugh out loud