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Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. I'm going to give the Quick Takes another try. Honestly, it wasn't my favorite style of blogging and I felt like I was scrounging around to find enough things to fill the post. But it could've been my fault - it was a weird first try.

Can you spot him/her (I know nothing about animals)?
Pretty dead center of the photo jumping into the brush.
2. The last two winters, we've been able to spot deer in our backyard. This is mostly interesting because we don't live out in the country. In fact, we live on Main Street. But we lie to our children, like most good parents would, and say they're Santa's reindeers - the bad ones that made fun of Rudolph.

3. Did you notice all those leaves? This preggo certainly wasn't going to rake them. Instead, the nicer parent created fairytale trails for the girls. Nicer parent, indeed.

4. We made some purchases recently for the kids' rooms (still coping with buyer's remorse). Tomorrow, these fun FLOR carpet tiles should be delivered for the girls' room. We moved all of their toys into it and kept a nursery/guest room for the new babe. The arrangement doesn't lend itself well to just a regular rug in the girls' room, so we plan to make little paths with the tiles. We also bought bedding for our little guy. It's adorable. Pictures coming soon!

5. Joan needs to learn how to ride a bike. She got this sweet balance bike from her grandparents, but if I don't let her ride somewhere other than our narrow front porch, she'll never learn. She was obviously not prepared for the amount of work that goes into learning (nor was I): I give you Exhibit A
(and if you're viewing this on your phone and can't get the video to show up GET ON A COMPUTER! a phone is for CALLING people!

Ok, here's a photo for you, just in case.

6. Did you notice Charlotte's outfit in the last photo? She certainly has a style all her own. Exhibit B:
Polka-dot on polka-dot on polka-dot on rain boots -
and that's all without mentioning a swim suit.

7. These takes haven't been that bad. Thanks for bearing with me and be sure to check out everyone else's, too.


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

We used to rake our leaves into giant floor plans and act like it was our house. If I wasn't huge and pregnant-I would have had so much fun making them fairytale trails!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

and I love the bedding! perfect choice! Post some pictures of the girls' room when it's all finished.