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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

Since Mrs. Camp Patton is no longer pregnant, she (unbeknownst to her) passed the Old Navy Tunic Torch to me. Someone needed to step up and carry the fashion light with pride - unfortunately, I'm the weakest link on the team. Don't believe me? Go check out what rockin' the tunic is supposed to look like:

here first

here next

(Did you really visit the links, because this post will not make sense if you didn't?)

Now, ready to be slightly (or heavily) disappointed? Feast your eyes:

This one's with puff-vest-love.
I tried to pull off "the lean" (harder than it looks).

Sans the vest, but with red-brick-love.
I tried to emulate her landscapes as close as possible.

Before you go off thinking I actually wore all of these accessories to Mass, let me confess that this boring frock is what actually strutted down the Communion Catwalk (is that sacrilegious? or does God have a sense of humor? I'll find out in confession.):

And also before you go off comparing the two of us (Grace & I) and the states of our bellies - recognizing that they look eerily similiar in size and volume (ok, I'm still probably bigger), be sure to note that she was 34-35 weeks pregnant at the time, while I am only 24. And don't try the ol' "It's your third pregnancy, everyone's bigger their third time around." Yeah... that was her third, too...

I think I've embarrassed myself enough for one day, eh? I hope you're happy, Grace.

Tunic: Old Navy
Vest: Meijers 4 years ago (If you can believe it.)
Scarf: Gift from dear friend, Jill.
Necklace: Also gift from dear friend, Jill.
Tights: Target
Boots: Piperlime
Flats: Old Navy

Thanks, Fine Linen & Purple for hosting!


-Kinsi- said...

I actually think that your belly looks very small, esp from the front! I think you look cute, you self-picker, you!

Olivia D {The Road to Poland} said...

Haha! With my 4th I looked like I was carrying twins by the 20th week, or so they told me. I used the, "well, it's my FOURTH, that's what happens." And since 4 is so unimaginable to so many people, it worked. They believed me, and I went back to eating my log of raw cookie dough. You look delightful and incredibly young. A new baby! How exciting!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I think Grace would be proud! You pulled off the tunic/vest/scarf look as well as "the lean". You go girl.

I love the outfit - I think it looks great with or without the accessories. You would have looked great on the Communion Catwalk either way! :)

Lisa said...

Whatever, I think the "boring frock" look is my favorite of the three. Very...swedish. Or something. It's cute.

Stephanie said...

Psssh...Grace does look amazing, but so do you, Aisha! You totally make this your own, and I love your cap-toe flats!

Kendra said...

I know this will sound snarky, but you don't look like Grace in these photos because you are not Grace. You are *you* and look really beautiful as yourself :-)

That said, there's nothing wrong with taking fashion hints from our fashionable blogger friends, and you did a great job of using Grace's style and making it into your own. Also, pregnancy looks good on you!

Thanks for linking up!

Cynthia said...

You look great! Such a cute pregnant mama ;) Love the tunic...and if I didn't have such a short time to go before this little one gets here, I'd splurge!

Btw, love the boots too. I have a better-late-than-never obsession with boots lately...

Can you say "missed the boat?"

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

1) Love the tunic. Maybe I need one for non-prego time...

2) I was just thinking about Grace re: my belly right now looks like Grace's 22 week prego self. Sigh.

Kathryn said...

Maternity clothes, so much cuter than when I was last preggo three years ago. Love that tunic. And, you are adorable.

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

you look adorable and she is/was the tiniest 34 week pregnant lady I have ever seen!

Mary said...

OK - you look beautiful and if it makes you feel any better, your preggo tummy is the same size as mine right now and I was pregnant TWENTY years ago. YEP - your rockin it for baby number three. So no worries, work what you got!

Andrea said...

34 weeks and looking gorgeous!!

Grace Marie said...

ha. loving Andrea's comment. Thorough reader.

sorry -- sleep deprivation coming out to play.

ANYWAY --- how kind of my children to finally let me open the computer to comment.

I'm super flattered but I think the tunic is looking GOOD on you --- do you think it will last the whole pregnancy? that's what I loved about it --

also -- you would've never caught me in flats (accept to go to the doc) with leggings ... something I just can't pull off so I'm retroactively jealous. I've been wanting to rock the tunic postpartum -- I think I might ... watch for it next week.

Did I dream you were considering the name Simon? If not --- I hope you run with it!!

And 13 hours later --- I'm going to publish even though this makes no sense. I'm sure you'll take care of three kids with 89% more grace and finesse than I am managing these days.