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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wait - I like sports?

If you need a frame of reference, read this first.

What just happened over the last 3 years? What has Starkville done to us? To me?

I listen to ESPN Radio. In the van. By myself.
I can sit through an entire baseball game and actually enjoy it.
I might just have a Fantasy Football team this fall.
I can't wait for the Olympics to start.

I know whether I'd want LeBron taking the last shot or Dwyane Wade.
I know that Mark Sanchez better step it up, now that Tebow's on the team.
I know that pitchers who lie about hitting a rookie in the MLB don't get fined or suspended like their truth-telling colleagues.

Such a stark contrast from how you'd find me, even just a year or two ago. And I can't tell if I'm more weirded out by my knowledge of sports, or my interest in them, but I'm definitely weirded out.

Now excuse me. I've got to see if STATE can beat Samford in the regionals even though we lost to them on Friday. But it's cool, they've used most of their good pitchers this weekend and we've still got some to choose from.

Oh good! Frazier just got a base hit!

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The Whatleys said...

I love this! And I love that you like sports now.