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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I knew that would come back to bite me.

It was bound to happen, right? I mean, you can't write a post like this and expect not to have some repercussions.

Well, my first Monday back to reality was kind and merciful to me. Tuesday? Notsomuch.

It starts (and probably ends) with Joan pestering me about the particulars of every particular event she can image. And the girl can imagine. Somewhere in between, I almost drowned in a sea of whininess. Someone let the air out of my compassion tank, definitely. Probably the two little toddlers roaming around unplugging cords, pushing buttons, and sticking stuff in their mouths (did I mention that Evelyn's mom asked about the purple bead she... uh... passed?).

Dealing with meltdowns of a four-year-old refusing to go to the once highly anticipated Vacation Bible School was not a great way to start the day and realizing that my first cup of coffee wasn't until 9:15 a.m. was even worse. Even showing up at the park, accidentally without my wedding ring, I'm annoyed and thinking, great - not only will everyone think that I had these kids out-of-wedlock, but that they probably all have different daddys, too. Evelyn's red (ok, orange) hair is no help.

The day had some redeeming qualities, (like the Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part III) and a friend's afternoon phone call that I literally answered with, "Oh Amy, please tell me you're calling to rescue me." (She was.) Not to mention, the large Cherry Limeade paid for with happy hour coins.

But as a whole, I feel hot, irritated, and tired. And then guilty because I glanced at next week's calendar:

- Joan and Charlotte in Louisiana with the grandparents!
- Evelyn's in Sweden with her parents (are you keeping track? I have no kids alllll next week!)
- Weekend trip with Jude to Nashville filled with art shows, live music, and fancy dining
- a scheduled birthday gift massage (1 hour baby!)
- a dinner date at the hibachi grill
- grocery shopping, thrift store browsing, and errand running by. my. self.

I hope I have time for all of that since I'll be busy drinking coffee in my pj's and watching the Today Show all morning. Someone's gotta do it, right?

So... guess this post started off with venting and ended with bragging. Sorry. One day you'll come here and find just what you needed. Like a cute photo.

This was taken at 7:43 a.m., when she was pestering me about what time we're leaving for VBS. At approximately 8:18 a.m., she suddenly remembers how much she hates VBS and never wants to go there again. I choose to remember her this way.

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Kristi said...

Really? That girl was bragging about VBS on Monday at school!
Sorry you're having a rough week. Should've gone to the park today...