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Monday, June 18, 2012

Vacay Recap: pics & lists

This'll be short & sweet, but if I don't do it now, well, you know...

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- My parents came up and stayed the weekend and joined us for swimming & bowling (Evelyn's mom made an appearance, too)

- They graciously brought the girls back to Louisiana for a few nights and then passed them along to Jude's parents (What happens at the grandparents, stays at the grandparents, so nothing to report...)

- Jude and I enjoyed catching up on adult convos, Mad Men, & getting out of a vehicle sans two (sometimes 3) little girls in tote.

- I had a massage, ate sushi, and organized the girls' clothes (fine - I just put away their winter clothes.)
- We drove to Nashville and checked out Hatch Show Print & vintage record stores (if I hear someone say Hipster one more time, I might barf)

- Walked around downtown (not to be confused with Downton) & ate at F. Scott's with Art & Chloe (can't leave without an Elvis photo, right?)

- Saturday, we set up at Porter Flea and sold Jude's posters along with a million other hipsters (barf. but what other word is there?)

Good thing we got Twitter, dark framed glasses, and an iPad with instagram before we went. Lots of street cred.
- Counted our earnings and treated ourselves to room service and dinner at The Pharmacy

- Sunday, went to Mass at the Cathedral with great music, beautiful art, sentimental words, and no distractions.

- Returned to Starkville to greet our two precious girls and enjoyed Father's Day steaks with Jude's parents

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