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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Remember this post? I freaked out because St. Gerard, the patron saint of expectant women, was chosen for me by the saints generator and I thought it might be a foreshadowing for my own pregnancy later this year.

And then in this post I discovered some really great insights, unrelated to pregnancy, for why he was probably chosen for me.

Well, today I realized that I have 14 women in my life right now who are either pregnant, gave birth 4 days ago, or just recently had an adoption fall through. Fourteen. Doesn't that sound like a lot to you...

So, I am reminded, once again, that everything is not about me. I am obviously called to be a prayer warrior this year for these women and their situations. What an honor. What a responsibility.

So ladies, namely,
Melissa, Maria, Kelly, Kaitlin, Lisa, Becky, Karen, Mary, Katie, Michelle, Amanda, Courtney, Mary, and Jennifer,
you remain in my prayers.

St. Gerard, pray for them.

And if you're reading this and are also pregnant, please comment to let me know and I will gladly add your name to the list. You may also email me at alisha.landry@yahoo.com


Bonnie said...

This is beautiful. I am praying with you! (I am not pregnant.)

Jude and Alisha said...

But if you were, you'd be on it...

We were also on a pilgrimage through Italy, France, and Germany. We should have just met up then and started a long, real life friendship... Oh well. This will have to do.

But if I go to BloNo this summer, will you meet me on Veronica's porch? I'll wear that blouse you like.

(Side note, I just changed our profile picture and I'm wearing that very blouse and I hope you subscribed to the followup comments because this'll be pretty silly if not...)

Brett & Kelly Aldridge said...

Thanks Alisha!!!!!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...