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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"Momma, something's mattering me."

"Ok, Joan, let's get your pull-up on for nap."
Whimper, whimper, "But I don't want to rest my body."

"Momma, Uncle Mark is silly."
"Yeah, but he loves you."
"No. He's loves Sara. He loves her in his heart."
(Sara is Mark's sister/Joan's aunt)

"I'm the Immaculate Maception."

Jude: "Joan, do you need to go to the bathroom?"
"No ma'am, my father."

"Thank you for sharing your bacon, my Momma."
"Oh, you're welcome. That was polite. Who taught you to be so polite? Me?"
"No. Aladdin."

Pouring oil over the chicken in my skillet,
"What's that, Momma? Snot?"


TheSandersFamily said...

Joan makes me giggle.

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

LOVE her!

Sarah and Phil said...

Those are fabulous! What a riot. :)

Jill and Micah said...

haha. i am glad you are keeping up with this funny stuff.