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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm a simple girl.

I don't need diamonds or fur. Just a good non-stick frying pan. Thank you, Jude, for this birthday gift, I use it everyday. Twice. And I think of you.

 Isn't this omelet just beautiful?

And how about my pair of fried eggs? Yep, two - together!

And speaking of simple girls, all Joan needs is a few bowls, some water, and food coloring to keep her happy.

And Charlotte, well she's finally loving the exersaucer, so I guess she's starting to be easy to please, too. 

And these are just randoms that I want to throw in. Joan actually drew the images on the right after I drew the pictures on the left. It must be in her blood (the part that came from Jude...)

Wondering about Jude? Well if the Saints can't win and STATE can't win, just give him a guys' poker night and he's happy. But I don't think he'd appreciate a photo op right now. That would kind of mess with his mojo.

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