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Sunday, January 23, 2011

From the Archives

I don't like the feeling of my last post hanging over my blog's head (even though it landed me many of your prayers and a night out alone with my hubby!). And because I don't feel like making a new post that says, "Everything's gonna be fine," I will default to my archives and gather some of the cutest footage ever taken.

Do I expect you to watch them all? Maybe not, but they're not really for you. They're for me - to remind me that even though that stupid house has been a nightmare the last 2 years, it was once a source of laughter and cheer, and I'm grateful for the precious moments captured there...

There are 16 videos in all, so you may have to wait for some to load.

1 comment:

TheSandersFamily said...

tripp and i thoroughly enjoyed this post!!