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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Birthday Extravaganza

Joan's birthday is May 5th (and I wasn't planning a party at 39-40 weeks pregnant), so we pushed her party back (and Charlotte's July birthday up) to do one big combined party at a local gymnastics studio. Win, win, win.

They were Thing 1 and Thing 2, obvi, which meant I could re-use party decorations for the 3rd time and I could plan the super simple foodies around Dr. Seuss books. Still winning.

Jude's family was already planning to be in town that week and my parents were able to make the trip, too.

Unfortunately, a few friends couldn't make it, but we had fun with the ones that could!

Happy Birthday, sweet girls!

(Charlotte's three. Not two.)


Tricia Brauner said...

What a great party idea! Happy birthdays to Joan and Charlotte (three!)

Nicole Hunt said...

Your decorations are too cute and the girls- just adorable! I hate that we missed it!

Kelly Aldridge said...

So cute!!!! Happy birthday Joan and Charlotte!!!