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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Love Story Link-Up

One of the most adorable couples ever, Grace & Simon, have their love story up and ready and she's calling for more gush. Since I aim to please...

The First Day (not Date)
August 2002; St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Ruston, LA

It was a few days before starting my freshman year of college at Louisiana Tech University and I was attending daily Mass. I was in the side chapel and the altar was placed just in front of a glass sliding door so you could see your reflection the entire time (very distracting). But I started looking around at the other people's reflection and all of a sudden it hit me. At any moment, I could meet my husband. That's when most people find them, right? College? But not seeing anyone in the reflection that, I don't know - caught my eye, I let the thought fade.

It'd be an awesome story if I had learned later that he was actually in the reflection, huh? Yeah, well, he wasn't.

BUT, he was standing right out side the door.

I walked out of mass with my friend, Erica, from high school onto the steps of the chapel and we introduced ourselves to some of the older college students who were in the campus ministry (A.C.T.S. we called it: Association of Catholic Tech Students).

Enter: Jude

He walked up with a few other guys and introduced himself - get this - as the President of A.C.T.S. He was tall, dark, and handsome. Cliche? Don't care - because I got to marry him.

Told you so. (Side note: I took this portrait of him for one of his photog classes.)

After I shook his hand, I decided I had a crush on him. But it wouldn't be a love story without some conflict, aye? (I pretty much love rhetorical blog questions. Don't you?)

The Conflict (read about it here)
The Courtship & Proposal (read about it here)


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I already know how it goes, but I'm still excited to read it.

Jill said...

when do i make it into the story????

(also i think jude needs to tell his version of the story)

Jude and Alisha said...

Ha! (Jill, you'll be in there when I start talking about Jolly Napier!)

Mandie Peddy said...

I can't wait til the "we started dating" part and I get to tell everyone what you said to me when we worked together. ;)

Ashley Anderson said...

What a great way to get to know you... err...stalk you. Excited to read more!

Kathleen said...

This is funny!