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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Charlotte: That monkey has bad toots. Let's not talk about it again.

Charlotte, you're so squishy!
Joan: And she's 18.
Alisha: 18?
Joan: Yeah, and she's professional.
Alisha: Ha! What does professional mean?
Joan: It means you're in the newspapers and stuff.

Alisha: Aw, look at Simon smiling at you. I think he likes you.
Joan: That's because I look like you.

Joan: Mark, you look lazy.
Uncle Mark: You mean tired?
Joan: No, lazy.

Alisha: Charlotte, go throw this diaper in the trash, please.
Charlotte: Uh well, I'm picking my nose. So... no thank you.

Alisha: Charlotte, you don't have to do the top button.
Charlotte: But I don't want Joan to see my breasts.

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